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The Mobile Mosfet is a portable, easy-to-use, seamlessly integrated system that simplifies dosimetry and minimizes QA time, making it ideal for a busy radiotherapy center.

Mobile Mosfet

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Best Kits

Our wide array of applicators for brachytherapy are available for many applications, ranging from intracavitary to interstitial use and designed to deliver increasingly more conformal doses in brachytherapy.

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The BestTM Sonalis Ultrasound Imaging System provides superior visualization of HDR, LDR, RF and Cryosurgical procedures.

BestTM Sonalis

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At Best® Theratronics we design products and solutions that help medical professionals treat cancer. Our products are used throughout the world to deliver radiation treatments.

Teletherapy Machines

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The Best Double-Balloon Breast Brachytherapy Applicator utilizes an outer balloon to expand within and shape the resection cavity, and an inner balloon which expands independently of the outer balloon.

Breast Balloon Applicators

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Efficient, convenient and user friendly, the Raycell® Mk2 X-ray Blood Irradiator provides a safe and cost-effective choice for blood irradiation – backed by Best® Theratronics’ trusted expertise and commitment to quality.

Raycell® Mk2


Upcoming Events

AMPICON (Association of Medical Physicists of India)
New Delhi, India, November 5-7, 2022

AROICON (Association of Radiation Oncologists of India)
New Delhi, India, December 1-4, 2022

SNMICON (Society of Nuclear Medicine, India)
New Delhi, India, December 8-11, 2022

Arab Health Conference
Dubai, UAE, January 30 - February 2, 2023

IRIA (Indian Radiological & Imaging Association)
Amristar, India, February 2-5, 2023


Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder/President of TeamBest Global Companies Honored at AAPM’s First Post-Covid Annual Meeting

AAPM held its first annual meeting, post-Covid, last week from July 10-14 at the Washington, DC Convention Center.  The event was well organized and attended by over 4,600 participants…

President/Founder of TeamBest Global & Best Cure Foundation Launches Best Medical Capital, Inc.

The Global Healthcare Delivery is a 15 Trillion USD global annual economy growing at 10% or more a year due to increase in cost and population.  Krishnan Suthanthiran has launched his Global Healthcare Delivery as part of a Six-Part Program…