An Open Letter to the Board Of Directors of Association of Surgeons of India from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran

An Open Letter to the Board Of Directors of Association of Surgeons of India from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran

Washington, DC, USA – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – September 14, 2023

Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran has been working in Oncology and Medicine for over 51 years and is now beginning his 52nd year.  He began his career working with the late Dr. Ulrich K. Henschke, a world-renowned Radiation Oncologist, in July of 1972 in Washington DC, at then, Freedmen’s Hospital.  Freedmen's became the Howard University Hospital in 1975.

In 1975, Dr. Henschke instructed Dr. Suthanthiran to work on converting then 18 MeV Linear Accelerator (Linac) Room with multiple energy X-Rays and Electrons into an Operating Theatre to perform Intra Operative Radiation Therapy, which is now called Flash Radiation Therapy.

Starting in 1975, Dr. Henschke and Howard University Hospital became the very first in the world to perform after surgical removal of cancerous tumor and treat with one shot of Prophylactic Radiation Therapy with High Energy Electron Beam, focused on the residual tumor bed while the surgical area was still open.

In February 1977, Dr. Henschke and Dr. Suthathiran traveled to California, USA to request then Linear Accelerators manufacturers to manufacture an Electron-only Linacs for Intra Operative Radiation Therapy/Flash Therapy.  However, the manufacturers were not enthusiastic.

Now there is a renaissance of this modality as Flash Therapy.  There are more than 150 hospitals globally, mostly in Europe and some in the U.S., that use this form of Flash Radiation Therapy.

Next year, Dr. Suthanthiran’s TeamBest Global (TBG) Companies and his non-profit Best Cure Foundation plan to introduce TBG Robotic Flash Therapy globally starting in late 2024.  He is requesting to present a talk at the forthcoming ASICON Conference December 13-16, 2023 in Visakhapatnam, Andhrapradesh, S. India titled, "The Future of Surgical Oncology in the Post-Covid 19 Environment of Rethinking Medicine."

He is communicating with Dr. Kannan, a surgeon and a member of ASI, and plans to attend the ASICON in Visakhapatnam, December 13-16, 2023.

Dr. Suthanthiran will travel to Thailand December 10-14 to attend a medical conference and return in the early morning of December 15th to Chennai.  He plans to present his talk on December 15th or 16th and return to Chennai late in the day on the 16th to present his talk at the Future of Medicine Conference at the Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University in Chennai on 17th December 2023.  The topic of his speech is titled, "The Future of Global Healthcare Delivery in the 21st Century, Post Covid 19."

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