Best Cyclotron Systems is Proud to Introduce the New Versatile Best Model B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron

Best Cyclotron Systems is Proud to Introduce the New Versatile Best Model B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron

New Delhi, India – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – June 16, 2021

Best Cyclotron Systems, a TeamBest Global Company, Introduces B35adp Alpha/Deuteron/Proton Cyclotron for Medical Radioisotope Production & Other Applications

Over the last several years, Best Cyclotron Systems and Best ABT Molecular Imaging of the TeamBest Global Group of Companies (TBG), have developed a series of cyclotrons for medical, industrial and research applications.  Recently, TBG has developed a 35 MeV Alpha, Deuteron and Proton Cyclotron for production of medical isotopes and other applications.  This versatile cyclotron is a compact unit occupying a relatively small footprint, as well as easy to operate and maintain.  It still accomplishes an important role as a novel cyclotron system for production of large quantities of medical isotopes and generation of deuteron and alpha particles.

This cyclotron produces a variety of proton-induced medical radioisotopes that are widely used in diagnostic and therapeutic investigations and procedures. In addition, this unit can generate radionuclides through the (d,n), (d,p) and (alpha, xn) reactions.  For example, Lutecium-166 and Astatine-211 are available using the B35adp.

Some of the characteristics of B35adp are given below:

  • Proton Particle Beam:  30 MeV Energy, 500 µA Beam Current
  • Deuteron Particle Beam:  15 MeV Energy, 250 µA Beam Current
  • Alpha Particle Beam:  35 MeV Energy, 100 µA Beam Current

The alpha beam is designed with a higher energy so that encapsulated targets may be used for Astatine-211 production – thus, isolating the alpha-emitting radioisotope while maximizing the production yield.

The B35adp accesses the family of production targets that TeamBest Global offers for the B35 cyclotron.  Production sequences are automatic and coordinated with the synthesis protocols.

Maintenance and service monitoring are performed from the TBG Cyclotron Team on a regular basis.

TBG will customize this cyclotron to suit medical/industrial/research application needs and requirements.

TeamBest Global (TBG) Companies and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) are planning to establish hundreds of cyclotrons and other systems worldwide for Radioisotope Production, Research, Green Energy, etc., and operate them for more efficient Medical Diagnosis/Treatment/Research and Green Energy Developments.

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