Open Letter to Members of Parliament of Canada & India from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder TeamBest Global

Open Letter to Members of Parliament of Canada & India from Dr. Krishnan Suthanthiran, President/Founder TeamBest Global

Washington, DC, USA – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – October 11, 2023

It has been widely known, that the Prime Ministers of Canada and India have had a frosty relationship for several years.  In February 2018, Dr. Suthanthiran was in India with the Trade Mission of Canada led by Canadian PM, Honorable Justin Trudeau.  This trade mission included trips to Mumbai and New Delhi, where PM Trudeau brought his entire family, including his wife and children, to showcase the diverse and multicultural society of India.

While there were no official meetings scheduled between the PMs, PM Modi hosted a reception for PM Trudeau and his family. He warmly greeted the entire family.

Canada and India have too much in common — both are democratic, multi-ethnic, cultural, and linguistic societies — not to have a friendly, cordial, and mutually beneficial relationship.  Additionally, both are Commonwealth countries.  However, like most relationships between any two countries, there are bound to be differences of opinion from time to time.

Suthanthiran first arrived in Canada on September 7, 1969, as a graduate student from India.  A month ago, he visited Canada again, marking 54 years since his first trip.  Over the last 20 years, he has invested over 100 Million USD in Canada and currently employs almost 200 people in one of the largest and most sophisticated high-tech medical technology companies in Canada.  The company has a global reputation for excellence.

In 1970, when the late PM Hon. Pierre Elliott Trudeau was leading Canada, the country was facing the challenges of Quebec separatists.  The Canadian military patrolled the streets of Ottawa as the Labor Minister was kidnapped and murdered.  Neither Canada nor India want to be divided into multiple small countries or see separatist activities that lead to violence — none of which is welcome in any country.

India expresses concerns over separatist activities in Canada or other countries that destabilize, just as Canada does on Indian soil.

Violence leads to more violence as the world has witnessed in Canada and India over the last few decades.  While recent events have served to only disturb and weaken an already fragile Canada-India relationship, would it make sense to penalize the people or businesses of either country for the actions of a few, as they have no involvement in the recent events?

As an Indo-American who has made significant investments in Canada, received a postgraduate degree in Canada, established several endowments for scholarships, and donated a substantial amount of funds to Carleton University in Ottawa, Suthanthiran is reaching out to the Members of Parliament of both countries, urging them to consider the best interests of the people and businesses of both Canada and India before making any statements or taking any actions that could be harmful to citizens of either country.

It is hoped that Canada and India can reduce their rhetoric and actions and avoid making any rash and irreversible decisions against each other.

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