An Open Letter to the Prime Ministers of Canada & India

An Open Letter to the Prime Ministers of Canada & India from Krishnan Suthanthiran - "I Too Have a Dream"

OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada & NEW DELHI, India – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – Today is Canada Day - celebrated by all Canadians in Canada and abroad - a very very Happy Canada Day to all!

This Canada Day is so different from any that has been celebrated over the last 153 years.  With lockdowns in many parts of the world still in effect, and mandatory closing of dining inside restaurants, partial or full closures of shopping centers/retail stores, sports arenas, even places of worship, social distancing/mask-wearing mandatory in many places, banning of mass public gatherings, etc. many Canadians will be staying home and quietly celebrating Canada Day.

COVID-19 has challenged the Healthcare Delivery Systems of the entire world, with more than 500,000 individuals having died and more than 10 million infected with the disease, and 500 million individuals losing jobs in massive downturn in economic activities, causing 20 to 30 trillion USD in loss of GDP for 2020 collectively for all countries globally.

India is the largest Democracy in the world, since its Independence from Great Britain in 1947.  Canada has been an independent nation for more than 150 years.  There are many hundreds of thousands of Indo-Canadians in Canada contributing significantly to the economic, cultural and educational progress of Canada.

In early September of 1969, I arrived in Ottawa, Canada from India with just 400 CAD and an admission into Carleton University to pursue my Master’s Degree.  Since arriving in Ottawa in 1969, I did receive a National Research Council of Canada Research Assistantship and graduated with M.Eng. from Carleton University in the Spring of 1971.  Now, I am the President of Best Theratronics Ltd. (BTL) located in Ottawa, Canada, with 160+ high-tech employees, helping to treat and save millions of Cancer patients globally, using technology invented (in 1951) and manufactured by Canadian Scientists and Engineers.  The vast majority of Cancer patients getting Radiation Therapy treatments in India receive their treatment from this Canadian Technology — namely, Theratrons. Currently, more than 20 Cancer centers have placed orders with BTL for these Theratrons, to be installed and commissioned over the next year.  I plan to travel to India soon, to start the process of establishing 1000+ Multi-Specialty Centers connected to Express and Mobile Clinics in India alone over the next decade, using many of the technologies manufactured in Canada.

In addition, I purchased Kitsault, BC, Canada in January 2005 — formerly a mining town that was closed in 1983, with the significant price reduction of Molybdenum ore (used for hardening Steel).  Since then, I have invested many tens of millions of dollars to maintain and restore it, and established Kitsault Energy (KE) to be used for a Dedicated Energy Corridor Terminal and Port to export Canadian Energy Products to Asia, including India.  KE has received an Export Permit from the National Energy Board of Canada to export 20 Million tons of LNG per year.  Both Spectra (Enbridge) and TransCanada (TC) have received approvals for three different Pipeline Routes to transport Natural Gas from BC/Alberta to BC NW ports, via or going through near Kitsault, to produce LNG for Export to Asia.

India and Canada need each other.  India is hungry for many food products of Canada and more importantly, energy products.  Canadian Energy companies and farmers need to export their goods to Asia, and India is particularly important, as they import the majority of their energy products.  Kitsault Energy with its Biofuel division, Kitsault BioFuel and Green House Projects (including Indoor vertical gardens), can help solve the energy needs of India, as well as their pollution problems in the next decade.

For more than 10 years, Canada and India have been trying to negotiate a free trade agreement, without reaching an accord.  During these challenging times for India and Canada, and the whole world, I am requesting that both leaders make a commitment to sign a Free Trade Agreement in 2020, benefiting both Canada and India to increase their economic and cultural prosperity.

I, too, have a dream - that in 2020, India and Canada will reach a Free Trade Agreement!

Again, a very Happy Canada Day to everyone celebrating today — be safe and be healthy!

Best Wishes,

Krishnan Suthanthiran

For more details and information, please click here to download the PDF.