Best ABT Introduces Best Sub-Compact Model 200 Self-Shielded Cyclotron for Radioisotopes

Best ABT Introduces Best Sub-Compact Model 200 Self-Shielded Cyclotron for Radioisotopes

New Delhi, India – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – June 2, 2021

Best ABT Molecular Imaging, a TeamBest Global (TBG) Company, is proud to introduce their newest Best Sub-Compact Model 200 Self-Shielded Cyclotron for producing a range of radioisotopes for Medical and Research Applications, at the push of a button.  This cyclotron can be installed with one or more chemistry modules next to a PET-CT/PET-MRI.

This unique low-energy, compact, fully-shielded cyclotron system is one of its kind, capable of producing F-18, C-11, N-13 and Ga-68 based radiopharmaceuticals for a variety of medical applications.  The Model 200 comes standard with a F-18/FDG synthesis Best Chemistry Module I and an optional Best Chemistry Module II to produce a variety of radio tracers.

The main features of this system include:

  • The ability to produce F-18 labeled compounds such as 18F-FDG, 18F-PSMA, 18F-Choline, Na18F, 18F-MISO, 18F-FLT, etc.
  • Production of other Medically Important Isotopes such as 11C, 13N, 68Ga for nuclear cardiology, oncology, infection and neurology imaging applications
  • Low yearly operating cost
  • Minimal staff and maintenance requirements

This is a fully-shielded system with integrated cyclotron, chemistry and quality control systems occupying minimal space in a hospital environment, and very easy to operate and maintain.  The activities of the Model 200 can be remotely monitored from TBG's Support Department to assist in service and daily operation.  These units are manufactured in USA using proprietary technologies.

TBG is planning to offer these units globally for medical and other institutions where availability of isotopes is often challenging – making it difficult to image patients on a timely basis to diagnose diseases at an early stage.  TBG has extensive experience in the design, development and manufacture of unique accelerators, including cyclotrons for medical, research and industrial applications.

TBG is in the process of expanding its manufacturing facilities in the USA to produce several cyclotron units on a monthly basis.  TBG is the only cyclotron manufacturing company based in North America producing cyclotrons of varying energies, ranging from 1 MeV to 400 MeV, to hospitals, industry and academic/research centers including for Medical Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications.  TBG's cyclotrons have been installed in thirty sites globally and continue to save lives, by producing radiopharmaceuticals for patients and research.

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