Krishnan Suthanthiran Awarded Prestigious M.S. Swaminathan World Prize 2023 for Contributions to Cancer Research

Krishnan Suthanthiran Awarded Prestigious M.S. Swaminathan World Prize 2023 for Contributions to Cancer Research

Washington, DC, USA – January 16, 2024

Krishnan Suthanthiran, founder of TeamBest Global Companies and Best Cure Foundation, was awarded the M.S. Swaminathan World Prize 2023 for his contributions to cancer research globally, service to Society and Simple Life Style, on January 7, 2024, by Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore, and G.S.A. Global Eye Magazine, U.S.A.  The award was presented by Selvi Apoorva, IAS, Agricultural Production Commissioner and Principal Secretary to the Tamil Nadu Government, who stated, "He deserves this award not only for his contributions to the field of cancer research but also for his simplicity and contributions to the society."

Suthanthiran is the first person in the world to win this prestigious award.  His acceptance speech was followed by thunderous clapping and a standing ovation.  The event was attended by more than 700 students, professors, politicians, social activists, and high-level dignitaries in government and university.

Suthanthiran was pleased to see that nearly 70% of the attending students were female.  He spoke about his non-profit foundation — Best Cure Foundation — and its commitment to promoting education, empowerment, and equality for women and the underprivileged through its 3E division.

He also spoke about his interest in reducing the waste of food in storage and transportation and increasing the pulse crop production in India.  He emphasized the importance of a vegetarian diet — including fresh, uncooked vegetables; fruits and nuts; and increasing the content of Dhal with a reduction in the consumption of rice.

Suthanthiran said, "A healthy person has many wishes but a sick person has only one — to get healthy.  Health is Wealth."  He stressed the need to maintain a balanced vegetarian diet, a healthy lifestyle with proper body weight, and regular exercise to stay healthy and happy.

He mentioned that marriage is not a license to rape.  He spoke about praying his parents every morning and night before going to bed.  Suthanthiran has plans to build a Hindu temple in Coimbatore, S. India for his parents as he believes they are the Gods who gave birth and took care of him.  He also believes that it is their genes that are in his body, which enable him to accomplish great things to help himself and others.

He stated that every man and woman, regardless of their status, was given birth to, nursed, and raised by women.  Women often bear a greater responsibility in raising and caring for everyone and managing the household while working full or part-time.

Many students and others later thanked him for his enlightening talk about how to help one improve their lifestyle for better health.

Additionally, Suthanthiran hosted a seminar on January 7th in Coimbatore, India on the following topics:  How can we save as much as 50% of those dying today?; 50 Years History of Radiation Therapy — Past, Present, and Future; and the Future of Cyclotrons and Theranostics.  More than 130 people from different medical fields were present.  Click here to view that presentation.

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