Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder/President of TeamBest Global Companies Honored at AAPM’s First Post-Covid Annual Meeting

Krishnan Suthanthiran, Founder/President of TeamBest Global Companies Honored at AAPM’s First Post-Covid Annual Meeting

Washington, DC, USA – (EIN PRESSWIRE) – July 22, 2022

AAPM held its first annual meeting, post-Covid, last week from July 10-14 at the Washington, DC Convention Center.  The event was well organized and attended by over 4,600 participants.  TeamBest Global Companies (TBG) and Best Cure Foundation (BCF) had a large presence at the AAPM 2022 technical exhibits.  TBG was the only company to showcase a variety of products for external beam radiation therapy, brachytherapy, QC/QA and imaging.  "We are very proud of our accomplishments and the collaboration with AAPM organizers.  TBG Companies have been continuously exhibiting at the AAPM technical/commercial exhibits for 45 years, ever since AAPM instituted the commercial/technical exhibits in 1978.  We are delighted with the tremendous amount of interest in TBG products," stated Mr. Suthanthiran.

Approximately 60 TBG and BCF global staff/advisors/consultants will be present during exhibit hours July 10-13 at the AAPM exhibits.  Mr. Suthanthiran is celebrating his 50th anniversary of his career in Oncology and Medicine, which began in July of 1972 at Freedmen’s Hospital (now Howard University Hospital) in Washington, DC.

Among the many sessions and events at the show, Mr. Suthanthiran provided and presented eight of the ten AAPM BEST 2022 Awards to recipients in person. Two of the awards were given out later.  This is an annual tradition for TBG and BCF, one that they will continue next year at the July 2023 AAPM Annual Meeting in Houston, TX.

In recognition of his 50 years (half a century) of service and innovative contributions to medicine, Mr. Suthanthiran was honored by Reverend Jesse Jackson and his son, congressman-elect Jonathan Jackson, on July 11th at the Madison Hotel in Washington, DC with a trophy.  In addition, Mr. Suthanthiran was invited to the Washington, DC offices of Congressman Danny Davis and Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi where he was honored with medals of recognition for his service, support and contributions to the field of medicine.

The president of Rhema University, Dr. Roger Richardson, and its Board of Trustees honored Mr. Suthanthiran at the AAPM 2022 Exhibit Hall with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Administration for his lifetime achievements in businesses.

Mr. Suthanthiran wishes to thank all of the organizers, fellow exhibitors and attendees along with his team members for their support, help, cooperation and dedication in all of his accomplishments. He believes that it is truly a team effort.

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