Krishnan Suthanthiran Proposes Solutions for Shortcomings of Current Global Healthcare Delivery System

Krishnan Suthanthiran Proposes Solutions for Shortcomings of Current Global Healthcare Delivery System

WASHINGTON, DC, USA & OTTAWA, Ontario, Canada – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Currently, Global Healthcare Delivery is 15 Trillion USD annually and expanding at the rate of 10% plus per year with the constant increase in population and costs.  This is the single largest global Economy – now and into the foreseeable future.  Every country in the world is corrupt and millions are dying that should not!  The #1 killer is Cardiac disease, #2 is Cancer and some would say #3 is Negligence/Misadministration/Infection acquired in Hospitals.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many of the shortcomings of the current global healthcare delivery system, but global corruption is a much bigger contagion and in the end, a much deadlier disease than any disease known to humankind.

"Having lost my father to cancer in 1968, I have dedicated my entire career to Cancer Research and Treatment – it has remained my main goal in life since then," said Krishnan Suthanthiran, President & Founder of Best Cure Foundation and TeamBest Companies.  He continued, "A healthy person has many wishes, but the sick person has only one...  Everyone deserves the best healthcare, and education is the most effective way to eliminate poverty, improve global health and promote peace."

Mr. Suthanthiran established Best Cure Foundation about 15 years ago after seeing how corrupt the decision-makers are in the current healthcare delivery system.  His proposed Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System aims to create a new corruption-free system, with a Hub & Spoke Model of Express and Mobile Clinics, linked with General and Multi-Specialty Medical Centers, and connected to 3–6 Star Apartment Hotels, thereby limiting the number of beds in the Medical Centers, but add more for Intensive and Medium Care Operations.

Best Cure Foundation’s main goals are:

  1. Provide purified drinking water and affordable/accessible sewer systems to every corner of the world by the end of next decade.  This has the potential to reduce death and suffering significantly in many parts of the world.
  2. Establish the Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System’s network of Hub & Spoke Models as outlined above.
  3. Reduce the death and suffering from Cancer, Cardiac, Diabetes and all other Diseases by 50% or more, by the end of next decade, using a Best Cure Total Health Approach of Prevention, Early Detection & Effective Treatment for Total Cure.  This Best Cure Proactive Healthcare Delivery System will have full transparency of Clinical Outcome, Benefits and Cost.
  4. In memory of his mother, he created a division of BCF named "3E – Education, Empowerment & Equality" to promote women and the underprivileged.
  5. In memory of his father, he launched his "Global War on Cancer" on April 29th, 2015.  In recognition of his efforts, Harvard Medical School organized an annual Global Health Cancer Catalyst Summit starting from April 29th, 2016, and he has been a keynote speaker at the summit during the last three years.

Since its inception, BCF has been supported by Mr. Suthanthiran personally.  This year, he plans to seek major donations and/or low-interest loans to promote the Best Cure Global Healthcare Delivery System, consisting of Best Cure Health System and Best Cure Insurance (Nonprofit NGOs) linked with Best Medical Real Estate Investment Trust, Best Medical Capital and TeamBest Global (a manufacturing company), all these three are For-Profit Public Entities.

Some of the ideas of BCF have been implemented by others – Walmart Inc. and CVS Health have offered Express and Mobile Clinic Services through their stores for the last several years and plan to expand to General, Dental, Diagnostic Radiology and Clinical Laboratory Services at half the average prices.  Additionally, CVS owns Aetna Health Insurance; Kaiser Family Foundation (a Non-Profit NGO) operates Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers and Health Insurance as non-profit.  The Obama-Care Affordable Care Act also used some of his ideas.

Best Cure Foundation and TeamBest Global both share the same goal – to develop cost-effective, low tech, medium tech, high tech and highest of high tech products and consumables, to deliver Best Cure Total Health Systems using the Best Cure Optimal Technology through Hypo-Fractionated Therapy for the Best Clinical Outcome.

For more details and information, please click here to download the PDF.